From the first 20 seconds onward to the final curtain call, the listener can truly feel the genuine vibe, the soulful spirit, and the creative passion of Gran Torino, releasing their third studio album September 2003 entitled The One and Only. The opening track, “Sick and Tired,” features an enlivened section of horns and percussion, backing up the sensual vibrant voice of lead vocalist/frontman Chris Ford. Ford‘s soul-drenched vocal flair carries forth, leading the magical thrust of an energy-driven horn ensemble. Joining Ford in the group is a talented, youthful bunch of exuberant musicians, including Johnny Mann on the guitar, Todd Overstreet on the bass, Dexter Murphy on keyboards and trombone, Pee Jay Alexander on trumpet, trombone, and keyboards, Scott Pederson on trumpet, trombone, and saxophone, Whit Pfohl on drums, Bob Maxon on saxophone, and David Heyer on drums. A band packed with soul, raw energy, and a sincere sense of spontaneity, the nine musicians that make up Gran Torino bring together their creative flair and musical dexterity and range to blend a rich tapestry of musical colors very beautifully. Fans and listeners alike should look out for highlights such as “Sick and Tired,” “The Storm,” “Less in Love,” and the final track, “Telanovela Part II.” “Take It Off” is wonderfully structured with a charming arrangement. “Come Lower Angel” is filled with hauntingly lovely beats of percussion, added horns and saxophone colors, and eloquently delivered, subtle, and romantic vocals. Playing 200 hundred shows annually, The Gran Torino was honored as the “Best Rock Band 2002” in the Knoxville Tennessee area. Don’t miss catching this compelling act coming soon to a town near you. You’ll be in for a delightful treat.


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